I could go on all day about my quality products, and high standards; but our customers just tell it better! Take a look at their feedback below and learn all there is to know about my excellent service and enjoyable shopping experience. Have your own story you’d like to share? Let me know. I'd love to publish your review on my site.

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Hallie far exceeded my expectations with the results I got from her. Not only was she extremely well priced but the quality of printing was extraordinary. I have recommended her to many friends of mine who have only had positive experiences as well. The Tank Tops and T-Shirts I’ve had printed from Hallie have not only sold all over the United States, but also all over the world. I found a real gem, when I met Hallie.
— Michelle Hammer, Owner and Creative Director of Schizophrenic.nyc

I love Hallie’s work, she made for me a great job with my brand new design and the quality of her stuff and printing is very good. I can say that I am well satisfied and I will do more work with her!
— Jess Baddie, Professional Dancehall dancer and Choreographer

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I really like the t-shirts Hallie made for the Black Eagles. People are really loving them and are asking for more!
— Craig Black Eagle, member of The Black Eagles Crew from Jamaica and Professional Dancehall Dancer/Choreographer

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Hallie Kruger is not only a seasoned professional in her field, she is a joy to to work with. She made the process of creating custom apparel for our band a breeze. She gave us detailed instructions on delivering files in the correct formats, helped us choose the right sizes and quantities, turned the order around ahead of schedule, and worked with us on a reasonable budget that we could manage. We would recommend her to anyone looking to procure quality pieces!
— The Bushwick Hotel, Brooklyn Rock Band