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Sj harlow & Co. engages all types of people to support autism awareness with catchy images and text to appeal to a wider audience.


Having trouble creating a concept that compliments your business or brand? I offer graphic design services so creating an iconic image and logo will be hassle free!

merchandise for Jamaican dance team black eagles-Team Leader and dancehall king craig Black Eagle.

Production Quality Printing

Grow your brand with professional grade heat press that garuntees a perfect print every time! Every garment is cured to perfection and can be thrown in your laundry:no handwashing required! I offer a wide variety of apparel to choose from as well as special inks like puff, glitter and glow in the dark.

Custom denim shorts hand studded. each pair is one of a kind. Want a custom piece of your own? Send a message and i’ll get to work!

custom creations

I love designing pieces that are one of a kind that no one else has. so do my customers! I can transform the most boring and overlooked shirt into your new favorite shirt! I also work with denim, knitting and crochet.